Improvisation course for teachers

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Improvisational competence is important on many areas in life. Playing ball games, is an example of an activity where you have to adapt to changing situations, with few possibilities to make plans.

Improvisastion in the classroom is a funny and inspiring course for all teachers and teachstudents that want to…

  • …experience more safety and control in complex situations.
  • …get funny tools and exercises that builds an including and safe classroom-environment.
  • …develop as a confident and clear leader in the classroom.

The course is buildt up by exercises and theory from improvisational theatre, connected to theory and knowledge on classroom-management and pedagogy. Participants may bring cases and challenges from their own classroom practice into the course. The course is designed for teachers on all levels in school, and teachstudents.

Improvisation in the classroom is now offered in two different variants; a two hour free introduction workshop, and a weekend course. You don’t have to attend the free workshop to attend the weekend-course, and feel free to participate in the introduction workshop more than once.

Some of the topics we are working on:

  • Improvisation and learning. The improvising teacher confronted with unforeseen situations.
  • Relations and improvisation. How to build individual relations in big groups.
  • Scenes from a classroom. We will work on different scenarios and unforeseen situations that may occur.
  • How to build a safe and including environment for 100% of the students.


Time and place for next course: 

Free workshop: Tuesday June 5. 18.00-20.00.*)

Weekend course: Info TBA

The courses are arranged in authentic classrooms at a school, nearby Bislet stadium in Oslo. This gives us a direct connection between theatre and classroom.



Teacher Jørgen Moltubak:

Jørgen Moltubak is your teacher.

I work as a teacher in high school, and has earlier worked many years in secondary school. I have written the book Sparkling teaching – handbook in classroom management and teaching design. On my freetime I play improv theatre in the teams MoJo (link to FB-page), How I met Sara, Nabolaget impro (link to FB-page) and Impro Baluu (link to FB-page) who is playing shows for children and families.  I also teach improv in Impro Neuf Interntational. Currently  I am working on a book with the working title Improvisation in the classroom. More about me on



Why do people not sign up for these courses?

I have so far arranged three courses, and the interest has been huge. Many of the teachers are positive, but will still not sign up. This winther I had a survey with response from hundreds of teachers as a part of the research for this project. One of the questions was: “To which degree do you agree in this statement: “I want to sign up for a course in improvisational theatre, but my fright obstructs me.””. 47,5% answered agreed, or partly agreed on this question.

Some of the teachers that actually took part in the course confirmed this – they have tried to recruit colleagues to attend the course, but even if they are positive, they don’t dare. I have been there myself. When I attended my first improv course, I looked down to the floor when the teacher said “go together i pairs”, and I hoped that we were even numbers, so that someone had to choose me… But things went better, fast… Because I understand this fear, you are in safe hands. On my courses you will not be pushed out of your comfort zone or tforced to do anything. Anytime during the course you can step back or choose not to attend in exercices, if you feel that they are uncomfortable, and it is totally ok! (I also start the course by saying this). To give you an extra “push”, I give a discount if two persons sign up together. If you don’t want to sign up alone, you can use the discount as an argument to persuade a colleague or co-student 🙂

Feedback from former participants:

Nabolaget impro (The Neighborhood improv) is playing short form format “Win or lose” at Det andre teatret winter 2018.

“It was two great hours with play and useful exercises. I was imagining it would be scary, but it felt harmless.”

“The exercises were easy, and we can easily bring them back to the classroom.”

“Very funny!”

“The exercises were largely about beeing attentive of each other, and to play on the same team. It is very relevant for teachers.”

“As you said: This was just at taster of improv in the classroom, but I definitively want more.”


One experienc from former courses:

  • Some of the participants had never seen imrov theatre before. Everyone is recommended to se a show as audience, either on Wedensdays or Fridays at Impro Neuf, or Wednesday to Saturday at Det andre teatret. (Both places you can also find free workshops and paid courses, recommended!) You can of course attend my courses without visiting these places first, but they are recommended anyway, not least because they are fun!

*) Taught in Norwegian. Do you want me to arrange a workshop / course in English, please contact me on the form below, or visit the Norwegian page for opt in.